Friday 10th November 2023

Max Hancock
3 min readNov 10, 2023

Just one more week!

Ever the optimist, I seem to be a bit of a stuck record when I say ‘I think this is going to work out’ or ‘Things will get better’. However, with an innate feeling that things will do just that (perhaps single-mindedly, for better or worse), I’ve put the woes of last week behind me and continued the pursuit of the mission I set out on:

‘Homes for people’

Back on the board this week (having mentioned it at the end of last) is a great site in North Nottingham originally destined for an assisted living scheme, but which has now been agreed on manageable lease terms with an excellent Ofsted registered provider of Supported Accommodation. I’m in the final throngs of negotiations for a solution that works for both lessor/lessee, and I hope to be instructing legals at the beginning of next week. I’m confident of a great outcome for all involved, and I thank both for their patience.

My finance arrangements are underway for a purchase, again in North Nottingham, for a supported housing site we’ve been working on since early April. Innumerable hoops to jump through — almost all of which have been ‘jumped’, just a few more to go.

I’ve experienced further delays with a client scheme in the North West — having been ‘stuck’ in planning for *almost* three years, and with a desperate need for housing in the area (see article at the end of this journal post), it’s deeply disappointing that the goal posts are constantly changing with the LPA. I remain optimistic with the outcome, hopefully in the short term, but I know the developers and purchasers are all get quite tired of the challenges.

Knocked back on a mixed scheme in Newark and Sherwood DC, ideally massed with a small block of apartments and some specialist bungalows, but just a little bit too remote for the provider I’m working with. I’ve hopefully got another similar site in a ‘better’ location to discuss with them next week.

Whilst very early days, I’ve introduced a SSH scheme to one of our partners in Southampton for discussion with the commissioning team, acting on behalf of the landowner (I get about a bit). The proposed development is almost a perfect little infill plot, and will make a nice 8–10 unit self-contained apartment site.



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