Friday 9th February 2024

Max Hancock
2 min readFeb 9, 2024
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Life’s rich tapestry…

Despite weather warnings in the North, Cornwall is surprisingly sunny and warm — not quite t shirt weather, although it feels mostly thawed after the cold that started the year (sunshine bringing a bit of optimism for the year ahead; after all, and despite best efforts, it’s hard to look forward to things when it’s grey and miserable outside!)

I’ve also just returned from a weekend away with my partner, having recently turned 28, and we took the opportunity to visit The Pig in Combe, somewhere I wanted to visit for a while, and definitely somewhere I’d like to return.

A comparatively short week for me in which case, but nevertheless a few things ‘on the bubble’.

Some things to talk about in Nottinghamshire (2 no.), Derbyshire (3 no.), Bradford (1 no.) and Devon (1 no.) — all at various stages, with a few updates.


  1. We’re still under contract to open our first service, although bogged down with legal work.
  2. Having attended viewings earlier in the week for another ‘turnkey’ and relatively modern block of 8 apartments, I’m currently working with our partners to facilitate possession. The property is a part conversion/part new build, with 3 good sized ground floor (modern) units that will be wheelchair accessible.


  1. Our viewing on the small bungalow scheme was a success, and I’m now in the process of working with our partners to create a pathway for the service to open in the next few months. There are tenants ready to move in as soon as it opens.
  2. I’ve relayed amended plans to a SA provider for the apartment/HMO scheme currently under contract. The HMO element no longer fits their housing model (it was a reach in the first instance), but the development will still provide a revised layout of 10 no. 1 bedroom apartments plus staff accommodation.
  3. A new scheme sent to a partner for a small development of 7 apartments, just outside one of the smaller town centres.


  1. I’ve been offered a purpose built block of 8 apartments in Bradford which could provide an ideal reallocation of service…a work in progress.


  1. Struggling on the funding front for the care home I spoke about last time — it’s a real lump of a thing, and whilst it solves a real problem in the area, I’m not sure how I might make it work.
  2. Awaiting HB feedback on a smaller shared scheme in the meantime.

In other news, I’ve received a draft heads of terms for an asset management angle on land in Nottinghamshire — quite a lot of work to do and a significant number of moving parts. All good fun.

Conversations (and progress) about a proposed purpose built scheme in Huddersfield have fallen through.

Looking forward to working on proposed developments in Wiltshire and Cornwall.



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