Sunday 21st January 2024

Max Hancock
2 min readJan 21, 2024
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Out the gates…

I can’t quite believe its been 4 weeks since I was here last — the excitement/anticipation of Christmas and the New Year is firmly behind us, and I’m welcoming in 2024 with a promising stream of new business.

I purposefully took time off over the Christmas break (not that much work gets done anyway), and I’m very much approaching this year under the ‘Aggressive Patience’ guise: patient long term, not so patient short term…(I read it in a book over Christmas). It still takes me moments to remind myself that the property business is a slow moving ship, mostly suffering from the oil tanker turning problem, and with a raft of stakeholders involved at all times, [external] decision making continues to be slow. But that’s alright.

Sadly, our development in the North West didn’t complete before the Christmas break — what was holding over from one our transaction solutions suffered the inevitable fate that most of 2023’s business did — no discernible money from the big institutions, and a complete drought as far as those ‘aggregators that came before’ are concerned. I’m hoping to rectify a lease with the original Freeholders.

We’re still under contract for our development in North Nottingham — all in good time.

In terms of January’s ‘news’:

  1. I’m viewing a specialist bungalow scheme in Derbyshire on Wednesday with one of our partners, holding over from arrangements made before Christmas;
  2. I have viewings arranged for a further two schemes: a neat block of 5 apartments, and a larger contemporary block of 8 apartments, both within 10 minutes of each other in North Nottingham;
  3. Details sent to a housing partner for 2 large dwellings schemes: 1 in the North West for 80 starter homes and 18 apartments, and 1 in the East of England for 130 starter homes;
  4. Awaiting HB feedback on a shared house in the South West, which we’re looking to purchase with cash from the existing landlord for speed, and ease of transition for the tenants;
  5. Development and investment planning for a turnkey scheme in Yorkshire, comprising 10 new build apartments;
  6. Successful viewings on a turnkey mixed-use investment in Derbyshire from a previous;
  7. Working on a long-term partnership with a developer in South West to provide a steady stream of new sites for Cornwall’s SSH cohort.

I have a small number of meetings ‘up North’ as part of my Asset Management role for a landholding client— firstly to negotiate and deliver a long term commercial lease, secondly to discuss an existing option with a Regional House builder.

Lots to do, and feeling quite good. 28 soon!



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