Sunday 28th January 2024

Max Hancock
2 min readJan 28, 2024
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Keeping on…

Another week in the bag working on ‘projects’ that will ultimately give our supported tenants homes for life…another week closer to opening our first service (which continues to be a bit of a headache).

I was up in Nottingham at the start of the week, meeting with one of my business partners and also viewing a potential new service in the North of the county. I also had a meeting to attend to for a private asset management position I hold, which I mentioned this time last week. I enjoy the travel for work — it gives me a bit of time to connect with friends and family ‘up North’, but also spend some time thinking about things I’ve got going on and how best to focus my efforts (700+ miles worth of thinking time after all).

Tuesday was spent in morning meetings, and Tuesday afternoon catching up on emails and making arrangements to travel back up to Nottingham at the end of February. In case you hadn’t guessed I split my time mostly between Cornwall and Nottingham, although I’m intending to give Nottingham a bit of a backseat later in the year so I can concentrate on the SW.

On Wednesday we presented a small bungalow development in Derbyshire to one of our partners — set back off the main road and down a private drive, it could make a perfect, and secure, shared service. Initial thoughts are positive: there’s a cohort nearby who are looking to relocate to something future proofed (this scheme will provide high energy efficiency ratings via air source heat pumps, contemporary insulation and building methods etc.), and it’s ideally located on the cusp of the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire intersection…a challenge for commissioning and HB no doubt, but otherwise very accessible.

Toward the end of this week I’ve been arranging finance and trying to secure funding for a care home in Devon. I’d welcome ideas on a postcard for how I might go about securing it for the tenants looking to move (it’s a great big lump of a thing).

Working hard to secure a development partnership in Cornwall…doubling down my efforts here this year, and really hoping to be up and running with something here in the next few months.

A refreshed website coming soon.



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